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Shifman Mattresses


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At Toms-Price, we understand quality, which is why we carry Shifman,
the finest handmade mattresses in the world.

Visit our luxury mattress departments now, in Lincolnshire, Skokie/Old Orchard,
So. Barrington/Arboretum
and Wheaton, and find out how a better night's sleep
can provide a healthier life.



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Even the most dedicated exercise enthusiast, or committed vitamin taker, can't come out ahead without a good night's sleep. We like to think of sleeping on a Shifman mattress as much more than simple rest – it's the ultimate sleep practice!
For over 120 years, Shifman has been building the highest quality two-sided mattresses. They use impeccable manufacturing techniques with handcrafted excellence in every detail. These are the best mattresses available and are made exclusively in America at their Newark, NJ facility. Over 50 skilled craftspeople are involved in making this luxury bedding by hand. The process takes up to twelve and a half hours and provides unsurpassed quality, comfort and durability for each Shifman mattress set. Learn more about Shifman two-sided mattresses here.




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Premium Materials & Construction
Shifman mattresses are made with natural materials and exotic fibers including premium cotton upholstery, natural latex foam, pashmina cashmere and New Zealand wool. Boxsprings are framed with superior-grade Canadian spruce lumber sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Shifman's premium styles feature eight-way hand tied boxsprings, a hallmark of fine furniture. Hourglass shaped upholstery coils are tied by hand eight ways to ensure that the coils respond independently and provide strong flexible support, durability and extraordinary comfort.

Shifman all natural mattress materials and 8-way hand tied construction


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