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Design Services

Bloomingdale Outlet


Sue Lodge - Design Consultant

Email: slodge@tomsprice.com

Phone: 630-529-7600x1597


With a degree in retail marketing, customer service experience, plus training in the Marshall Field's management program, Sue came to Toms-Price with plenty of excellent knowledge. She found Toms-Price while shopping for furniture with her young children. "I've always had a passion for design, fashion and fabrics", says Sue.


There is no one more conscious of the client's budget. Sue is great at empathizing and relates to people easily, priding herself on giving honest feedback to customers. "I feel a responsibility to them and am willing to help find the things that will make them truly happy, regardless of budget constraints."



"It's a good place for people on a more moderate budget to find great pieces. People don't always realize that much of the furniture here can be custom-ordered, too."

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